7 Things Every Father Should Teach His Son

A couple hundred years ago, men used to take their sons with them to work and teach them about different work tactics and how a man should work hard in order to support his family. There was a special bond between a father and his son as they used to spend so much time together. Nowadays when kids are so busy in their schools and extracurricular activities and with fathers busy in their jobs, it is nearly impossible for a father to spend quality time with his son. As mothers play a vibrant role in the mentoring of kids, there are some things that only a father can teach his son.

Here are the few things that a father should definitely teach his son.

The right attitude towards women

A mother can also tell her son how to treat women right but only a father can show him how a man should treat a woman. Tell your son how respect is the key element when talking to a woman, be it your mother, sister or female cashier at a store. Only a father can teach his son how to be a gentleman.

The right way to dress

Everyone gets dressed by their mother as a kid, but when they grow up they have to do it for themselves. When a boy becomes a man he need to learn a few things like how to tie a tie, or what color matches the best with that white formal shirt. As much as he will learn on the internet, a few advices from his old man will come in handy and he will know how to dress up properly.

A man to man conversation about love and life

The idea of love is different for a man and for a woman. For a guy it is important that he gets to understand about this feeling through his father. They both should have a man to man conversation about how love contours your life and how to achieve your goals and accomplish certain things in life. Only a father can teach his son that and that strengthens the bond between them.

How to stand up for his rights

The only thing worse than not standing up for your rights is when you do not know how to take a stand. Every kid has to understand this k nobody should take advantage of him and only a strong male figure like a father can make his son understand that is it important for a boy to stand up for his rights as khaleed Hosseini says “A boy who won’t stand up for his rights becomes a man who won’t stand up to anything”

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How to fight (Reaction to bullying)

Boys are tough and they get into a lot of fights, serious or friendly. Sometimes they go a little overboard and may create an awkward situation that’s where they need to know how to fight (Physically and verbally). A father should teach his son the man tricks and how to react towards a bully.

How to be the man of the house when his father is not around

Even though the mother is there, but the male role requires a lot of tasks that a female shouldn’t do that’s where the son’s responsibility starts. A father should teach his son that when I am not around you are responsible for a lot of things and you should do them on your own.

Help in domestic duties

It is common for boys to think that domestic duties are only for women but only a father can show him that’s its important if he helps his mother in domestic duties because once in his life he will have to do this stuff so a father can tell him that men can also cook and women find them more attractive if they cook LOL!!

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