ISIS took Responsibility of Berlin Attack

Islamic militant group has claimed responsibility for Berlin attack on a Christmas market on Monday night. The German police released the arrested Pakistani based on insufficient evidence, Pakistani immigrant was arrested on suspicion of assault.

Reuters reported that the active militants in Iraq and Syria, Islamic groups have claimed responsibility for the attack on a Christmas market in Berlin. On Tuesday, claimed by the militant group that attacker of Berlin was a soldier of ISIS and the operation carried out in the appeal of targeting civilians by coalition members. ISIS has claimed in a statement issued by his agency “Aamaq”.

On Monday a lorry rammed into Christmas market in the central area of Berlin, which killed twelve people and injured nine. The German police had initially refrained from calling it an act of terrorism.

Last night a suspect was detained, who was a suspected attacker driving the truck.

However, on Tuesday German police released the suspect. The suspect’s name was mentioned Naveed, who was an asylum seeker who came to Germany a year ago. Police stated that thirty year old Naveed has been released as there no evidences against him.

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