Donald Trump & Jack Ma meet to Create ‘1 million’ US Jobs?

Donald Trump & Jack Ma — Jack Ma, the multi billionaire founder of Chinese e-Commerce Asia giant Alibaba, walked into Trump Tower on Monday to meet with President-elect United States of America Donald Trump, the purpose of the meeting was to deliberate upon a plan to create 1 million US jobs at least that’s how both the business tycoons sold it to the world.

Incoming press secretary of President-elect Donald Trump said the tycoons would deliberate “how Alibaba can generate 1 million US jobs by empowering 1 million US small businesses to vend products into the China and the Asian market.”

When Trump and Ma appeared, the president-elect said it was a “great” meeting; Ma nodded. “Job Boom,” bustled CNBC.

For all those looking for clues about the president-elect’s foreign policy, Monday’s conversation with Asian business tycoon confirmed two things: an emphasis on trade and fuzziness on numbers.

On some levels, the meeting made some sense. Trump needs to be gotten as negotiator in chief, so why not meet with the head of an Asian trading empire? Ma, whose business was recently returned by the United States to the list of “notorious markets” for selling replicas, got good press from the soon-to-be most powerful man in the world. For more details read Washington Post

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