European Countries Mistreat Refugees in Cold Weather – United Nations

European Countries Mistreat Refugees and migrants at peril of dying in the severe cold weather sweeping across Europe are being stirred back over borders and exposed to fierceness and seizures, the UN’s refugee agency has said, as it calls on governments to do extra to aid.

The UNHCR stated at least five refugees had expired from the cold weather since the start of the year, as temperatures fell as low as -14C in parts of Greece, and some countries saw some of the heftiest snowfall in years.

The mortalities embrace two Iraqi men, whose dead bodies were found in south-eastern Bulgaria after they had traversed from Turkey, and a young Somali female whose body was found in the same region. A 20-year-old Afghan man died of snags consequential from contact to the cold after crossing the Evros river at the border between Greece and Turkey at night, when temperatures fell below -10C.

“Saving lives must be a priority and we need state authorities across Europe to do extra to help and shield refugees and migrants,” a UNHCR spokeswoman, Cecile Pouilly, told a press briefing in Geneva on Friday. Read More at theguardian

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