Are we forgetting the true Pakistani culture?

Pakistan came into being so that the Muslims of sub continent can practice their religion and culture as per their free will, it is  known in the world for its rich cultural diversity its dresses its style its struggle to save preserve its history but lately it is becoming hard, and people have started forgetting their cultural values its heritage importance and its beautiful language. As the world is evolving Pakistan is also revolutionizing, but sometimes it is affecting Pakistani culture. Now a days Pakistani culture is getting influenced by western civilization or our neighboring countries particularly India. Following are the major things of Pakistani which are getting affected.


The official language of Pakistan is Urdu, this language is actually the composition of different languages, and indeed it is an excellent word, but as the most people are getting modernize the more, they are actually forgetting their beautiful native language the use of English language in our day to day communication is pushing us away from our own language. No matter how beautiful our classic poetry was and how great our prose is still people don’t want to read it, more of Urdu poetry will be found on the back of rickshaws or trucks or chalked on the wall then in some one’s library in which they are replaced by authors like Sidney Sheldon and Nicholas spark just to show off how foreign their choice is. Sigh! Thrust for reading the literature of our beautiful language is lost somewhere in the dusty old book.


The ethnic clothing of Pakistan represents the culture of Pakistan and its regional diversity. The everyday dress in Pakistan culture was shalwar kameez of different style dupatta scarf for women and traditionally in Pakistani culture men wear salwar kameez, kurta, achkan, Pakistani Waistcoat, and s churidar or pajama. Jama and the angarkha. But as the Irish rise of the fashion industry and fashion week in Pakistan the fusion of our culture with other is destroying the original Pakistani culture traditionally clothes are getting replaced by jeans and shirts dupatta are getting started vanishing first from the head and now from the neck of a Pakistani woman. Either is people have become too secular and modern, or they become too conservative somewhere between jeans and abaya Pakistan is losing its original shalwar kameez culture which is unique in its way.

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The architecture was also one hell of a sight for representing culture the monument and mausoleum the mosque and the Mizar, but alas! Due to not taking care of these monuments these places are losing a life, and if not handle properly soon they will vanish from the earth, and there won’t be anything no significant structure which represents the culture of Pakistan.


The folk music of Pakistan be it Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan or Noor Jahan’s inspirational songs, the very own Pukthun music or Sindhi, Punjabi regional music had something which not only attracted the fellow Pakistani but also many foreigner who loved Pakistan Qawalli and singers for their unique style which is different from the rest of the world and hard to find but their essence is also getting lost Qawalis are getting replaced by pop songs folk songs are getting replace by meaningless item numbers perform by some famous actress.

Still, some people are striving hard to preserve Pakistani culture everyone needs to understand that in the struggle to become modernize we should never forget our culture as our culture is ethnicity our identity it is what we represent, and it is what represent us.

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