Gallant – Lieutenant Colonel Haroon Islam Shaheed

Lieutenant Colonel Haroon Islam Shaheed


Haroon Islam was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Pakistan Army’s Special Service Group (also known as Black Storks) who embraced Martyrdom during Operation Silence. The operation was launched against the Fanatic Clerics who were trying to seize Islamabad and spreading Terror and Harassment amongst general public of the Islamabad Capital Territory. He was a commanding officer of Operation Silence while commanding the Zarrar Anti Terrorist Unit.

He was martyred in a fierce fighting which took place inside the Red Mosque Complex while leading a small force of 150 SSG members. The Special Service Group successfully took over the complex. On March 23, 2008, he was posthumously awarded the second high civilian award, Hilal-e-Shujaat (Crescent of Bravery) by the President of Pakistan.

Lieutenant Colonel Haroon Islam (RIP) a brave son of soil was born into a marshal family. The father of Lt Col Haroon Islam was a deputy commissioner who had also participated in Pakistan – India war  fought in 1971.The elder brother of Haroon works with Federal Investigation agency (FIA) as  Assistant Director while another brother, Major Ehtisham-ul-Islam, is a retired officer of Pakistan Army. Haroon Islam possessed numerous God-gifted qualities; like, he was an extremely witty and lively person with an inspiring and charismatic personality. Anybody meeting him once would never forget him ever in his life. He was a thorough professional and knew the art and science of Anti terrorist operations. Apart from professional virtues, he also encompassed the elements of hospitality, generosity and magnanimity in his personality. Colonel Haroon after successful training at Pakistan Military Academy got commission in 3rd Battalion of the Sindh Regiment of Pakistan Army in 1988.

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He was an outstanding officer who graduated from Command and Staff College, Quetta in 1993, one of the most prestigious military institutes of Pakistan Army. Later, he voluntarily joined SSG (Special Service Group), the elite and highly specialized force of Pakistan Army in 1993. He had a successful military career and according to some military sources a soldier of his caliber was bound to be a General

In 1998, his unit was deployed in Kargil, and had participated in Kargil War where he had led successful military operations. He also fought at Siachin, & served in UN Missions outside Pakistan and he had a dire wish to die as Martyr.

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In recognition of his meritorious services, he was awarded Chief of Army Staff Commendation card. During his career with the SSG, he commanded the elite Zarrar Company. Zarrar Company is the only specialized anti terrorist force in Pakistan, this outfit of Pakistan his highly skilled and proficient. It is a matter of great honor and pride for an office of SSG to serve this great outfit of Pakistan Army

His death has left a deep legacy in Special Services Group. While he gained a respected place in SSG Division.  On July 08, 2007, President and Chief of Army Staff General Pervez Musharraf, Vice Chief of Army Staff General Ahsan Saleem Hyat and a large number of other senior civil and military officers and relatives of the martyred officer had attended the Namaz-e-Janaza held at Chaklala Pakistan. The Pakistan Army presented Guard of Honor to Shaheed Lieutenant Colonel Haroon-ul-Islam. Later, his body was sent to Lahore for burial. He is buried in Military cemetery graveyard, Lahore.

The shaheed officer is survived by a widow and two daughters Zainab Haroon, and Memoona Haroon.

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