Kumrat Valley Attractions for Tourists , KPK, Pakistan

Kumrat valley is a charismatic valley in Upper Dir district of KPK province in Pakistan. It is one of the stunning valleys of Pakistan, and a scenic spot for tourists. Thousands of tourists from all over the country visit the mesmerizing Kumrat valley in every summer. It is a treat to enjoy the pure greenery and cool weather.

Kumrat is covered with lush green meadows, snow capped mountains, garrulous river Panjkora, captivating foggy mounds and tender forests are ever pleasing attractions of the region, which provide as habitats for range of flora & fauna. It is situated in Upper Dir Kohistan region.

Tourism Pakistan has compiled a list for travel enthusiast in order to facilitate their next tour to this God gifted area Kumrat which is yet to be explored.  

Panjkora River

Wooden Canals, Thall

Waterfall in Jahaz Banda

Do Kala Chasma

Badagoi Pass

Chahrot Banda

Crooked woods

Katora Lake

Jandrai Trek


Dojanga, Last Point of Kumrat Valley


Bara Dand Lake

Jahaz Banda Meadows

Jandrai Village

Forest Kumrat Valley,Panjkora River

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