Luxus Grand Hotel – A Fresh Breeze in Hospitality Industry of Pakistan

Luxus Grand is a new name in top hospitality brands of Pakistan . It is a limited property with the heart to offer unlimited services. You name it and Luxus Grand got you covered. The Luxus Grand Hotel is located on prime location of Lahore in the midst of Old Lahore and Mall Road, adjacent to Aiwan e Iqbal. It is fascinating that in less than a year Luxus has reached a certain level of maturity and is fully functioning. The Luxus Grand Hotel is the first hotel in Pakistan to have security clearance from the United Nations in such short time period.

The amenities, packages and services offered by Luxus Grand Hotel and countless, Have a wedding to arrange? Zoraiz Banquet Hall is at your service a lavish and vast hall which can accommodate numerous guests in its vicinity. Over its short time period Zoraiz Banquet Hall has welcomed many guests and has been a source for happiness for numerous hearts. Events like Fashion Expo, Anniversaries, Birthday Parties, Weddings, Farewells and many more are hosted in Zoraiz Banquet Hall and with the excellent services provided by banquet and F&B staff every event was a hit. Luxus has really given more than expected to its guests.

The Luxus Grand Hotel has five board rooms which are fully equipped with modern high tech equipment to provide smooth services for the meetings of corporate level and with the excellent managing services from staff every event has been the level best.

The Luxus Grand Hotel has a total number of 76 rooms including standard, executive and royal suites. Its 100 feet high building offers stunning views from the rooms which adds a joyful experience for the stay in guest. Many complimentary services like high speed wifi, mineral water bottles, shoe shine and ironing are at the disposal of guest. A fully state of the art pool is also at the service of room guests which they can use for relaxation.

Luxus Grand Hotel

The Luxus Grand Hotel is the first hotel in Pakistan to have two world class cinemas in its environment. Both cinemas are fully equipped with modern high end technologies. State of the art architecture and ambiance of cinemas make it the perfect and favorite spot for guests to take their pictures. Cinema lobby has been the host of many beautiful memories. Luxus Cinemas have performed a major role in the revival of Pakistani Film Industry. Top rated new Pakistani movies have been premiered in the cinemas and Luxus has received the best feedback.

Plus, Luxus also offers 50% discount to room staying guests.

Now let’s talk about the heart of Luxus Grand, Caesar’s Restaurant a new name in top restaurants of Pakistan. Lahore being a food loving city, the food here has already won the hearts of many lively people both national and international. Birthday parties, anniversaries, reunions and much more other memorable events have been held in Caesar’s Restaurant and due the excellent service of F&B staff all events have been a proper success.

And at last , Luxus Grand has already accomplished so many milestones in such a short notice and seeing this fast urge to success makes us believe that in near future Luxus Grand will be noticed internationally. As it is said by Mr DAWAR LASHARI “ Our competition is not with other brands, Our competition is with ourselves”

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