Maximizing results through performances within the organization

All organizations have different departments led by Managers, Shop managers, Unit Managers, Project head etc. These are the group of interlinked dept’s knitted together in order to work with synergy for success and achieving goal of the company.

But, in true sense had anyone witnessed that how well are people sync together while working in same company? Do they have common vision?  The answer is No; Not really! the probability in this case will be very less because most people are focused to their own sphere and are not much concerned towards the broadercanvas of the organization.

In desire of getting optimal results & ensuring everyone is on the same page it is important to manage performance of every individual and dept which will create an impact for maximizing results with basic steps taken within the organization. In a corporate environment the success of any organization is normally hidden within the organization and can be enlightened if triggered in right manner.

Maximizing results, profitability or productivity depends upon the cultural breeze prevailing in the organization and cascading from top to bottom.

There are certain steps mentioned below which can play pivotal role if adhered in organizations at their own level instead of doing any survey for knowing myth behind getting expected results:

First of all, it is very important that everyone should be very clear by knowing the goal & target of the company which needs to be achieved. For that matter it will be required to Link every dept of company towards organizations goal/target because departments in organizations which are running in different directions can never achieve excellence and neither can maximize results.

Determine how well is your team in reality is achieving the goals and are they on the right track? Running fast in wrong direction will take you nowhere so it is necessary to know the past experiences and current realities to have productive results. It is important to know the current pattern of team to identify their direction and if they are on the right track than reaching to destination becomes more easy.

There should be a clear performance metrics for every dept because there are many departments where work is done in quality not in quantity and there are departments where performance is given not to improve the results but to support the results therefore it is important to create measurable tool for gauging performance metrics because if you can’t measure you cannot improve therefore linkage of current performance with outcome expected is necessary. This can be done by creating a compelling score board which will tell everyone where do they stand.

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Identifying skill deficit of every individual is very important part and plays significant role. Discover opportunities for their improvement & discuss to create an individual professional development plan. This can be done through conducting individual meetings by becoming skill partner and giving confidence to boost the morale of employees.

Empowering employees by asking people to come up with some game changing ideas which can add essence in maximizing results. Start asking solution oriented questions which will help individuals to get inspired and feel their importance by going extra mile & to come up with contributing ideas towards achievement of goal & this might also help in employee retention.

Never cry over split milk! means never remind previous mistakes to employees to them because this will only discourage their innovative initiatives & will also kill their confidence level. Before highlighting any correction to the mistake always glorify your employee by reminding them their good performance done in past. Make them realize that you invested your trust and confidence in them and to gain trust you need to extend trust

Author: Mian Asif Zia

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