Is Pakistan’s education budget sufficient

Pakistan now a days is facing a lot of challenges which include terrorism, security related problems, etc. Pakistan is also suffering from public health issues, water shortage, energy crises issues. It also suffers from some great education crises. Millions of Pakistanis children do not attend school, and those that do must deal with poor learning environments.


  • In school budget government has announced that they will be spending a total amount of Rs576 million for new schemes of the ministry of national
  • An amount of Rs2385.926 million would be spent on the ongoing schemes.
  • Rs500 million has been announced for National Education Reforms Initiatives.
  • An amount of Rs fifty million has been allocated for the teaching of the Holy Quran in BECS and NCHD schools.
  • The ongoing schemes of the ministry of general education included the establishment of National Curriculum Council(NCC) Secretariat for which Rs39 million has been allocated.
  • Rs40 million would be spent on the National Best Teacher Awards and National Teachers Training Institute.
  • An amount of Rs16 million has been allocated for Vocational Schools in Public Private partnership.
  • 1467 million would be spent on the establishment & operation of Basic Education Community Schools in the country.
  • A total of Rs737 million has been allocated for improving Human Development Indicators in Pakistan.


Education plays the most vital role in the development of a nation. Education is simply an investment to achieve economic development. Education is the primary need of every human present on this earth. It is our religious obligation to get an education. But unfortunately, it is one of the biggest problems in Pakistan. The school system of Pakistan is in an awful situation. Pakistan is one of the largest countries in the world, and its education system is also vast, but also there is a huge list of issues and problems in our school system.

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One of the biggest challenges of the education system is a lack of proper planning. In Pakistan there are more than 2 lac institutes are present, but most of the institutes have not a good teacher.  In public schools, many students get enrolled every year, but the school administration doesn’t care about the daily attendance. In government schools, students don’t get a proper education as many state school teachers don’t bother to pay a visit to the school, and the students who go to these schools often don’t get educated in the way they deserve. The teacher in government schools is not well trained. People who do not get a job in any other sector, they try to get into government educational system. The quality of teaching needs special attention. The government should take initiatives to control the attendance of the teachers at schools. Gender discrimination is pervasive in Pakistan. Most people don’t send their children to school especially their girls just because of gender discrimination.

Our government only spend the 2.4% of its total GDP which is very low in such a vast country. The government should increase this rate to improve the education system in Pakistan. Our Government seriously need to think about the proper school system. According to me, Pakistan’s education crisis does not come down

Author: Sara Khalid

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