Productive Morning Routine Suggestions

Productive Morning Routine Suggestions  – Heard that successful people have morning routines which set themselves up for an awesome day? Want a morning routine yourself? We’ve got you covered. In this article,  productive morning routine suggestions that can make you more motivated for an entire day.

Morning’s are not everyone’s favorite part of the day. In fact, most people dread them. And the morning alarm? It strikes fear especially on Monday’s! But the way you start the day is crucial to how successful and productive you will be for the next twelve or so hours. And a productive morning routine can be the springboard to your success. So let’s take a look at how to create value in your morning, turn it into something you actually look forward to, and make it work for you.

Wake Up Early

Fundamental to the execution of any productive morning routine is having enough time to be able to have one. And you can only have that time if you wake up early. This means no more hitting the snooze button. In fact, for many of you it probably means waking up 30-60 minutes earlier than usual.

When you wake up as late as possible, you put yourself at a disadvantage. You’ve no time to set up a productive morning routine, relax and get into the right frame of mind. Instead, you’re rushing around the house like a fly with stomach cramps, burning your tongue on hot coffee, stubbing your toe in the shower and you have no time to send an important email. Clearly, all this is enough to put you into a bad mood. So if you’re serious about having a productive morning routine, it’s imperative that you get out of bed sooner than usual. Need extra motivation to get up earlier? Just think that, while you’re already up and winning, everyone else is still snoozing, and will soon be burning their tongues and stubbing their toes.

Drink Water Straight Away

How long do you usually leave it before you drink your first glass of water? Perhaps you don’t drink water at all? Drinking water should be the first thing you do. It cleans out your system, waking you up, focusing your mind and hydrating you like nothing else can.

Prime Yourself

Ever wondered why some days you’re super productive right from the start, and other days you just can’t get going at all? It’s frustrating. This time yesterday you were SO on it, and today you just can’t summon the energy, motivation or skill to get anything done. You mind is totally blank! It’s probably because you don’t prime yourself first so that your biochemistry is on-point. Priming oneself is what a lot of successful people do, including athletes and entrepreneurs. They get their body’s and minds into the right state so that they’re ready to work like a beast each and every day. To prime your biochemistry, a good idea is to take a cold shower. This might hurt the first time you do it, but you’ll get used to it. You could also try eating clean, drinking tea and meditating.


Stretching can also be a great part of your productive morning routine. We don’t all have the time for a full-blown workout session in the morning, but we do all have the time to at least stretch.

Make Your Bed

Serial entrepreneur, investor and author Tim Ferriss says that if he doesn’t accomplish anything else in the morning, he makes his bed. It might seem like nothing at all, but making your bed is something that’s well within your control. You can’t control the bad weather or even your mood, but you can control making your bed.  It’s a small task – but it’s a task. And that’s all that matters. Once you’ve made your bed, you’ve already accomplished something. You’re winning. And then you can move onto your next task. Don’t leave your bed looking a mess. Tidy it and feel good that it’s only 6.05am and you’ve already done something.

Practice Gratitude

An easy to get yourself all fired up for the day ahead is to practice gratitude. Write down a list of all the things you’re grateful for. You’ll soon realise that you have so many awesome things in your life and that you can’t waste another moment. Life is for living – so go live it today and every day! Gratitude is an amazing part of a successful and productive morning routine.

Repeat Affirmations

Often, the only affirmation we repeat in the morning is “I CAN’T BELIEVE I BURNT MY TONGUE ON COFFEE AGAIN!” It sucks. And it’s a really rubbish affirmation that creates a foul mood that you take into work with you:

Colleague: “Want some coffee?”

You: “NO!”

Positive affirmations are lines we repeat over and over to ourselves until our brain starts to act on them. For example, you could say to yourself each morning “You’re beautiful and today is going to be a beautiful day.” Say it over and over each day, and your brain will rewire itself to believe what you say. Eventually, it – and you – will make gosh darn sure it’s a beautiful day today and every day.


Meditation is a great way to clear your mind and focus yourself on the day ahead. It’s impossible to be productive when your mind is whirring with stuff. Mediate and free yourself from bad thoughts that could hold you back.


Don’t usually smile in the mornings because you hate mornings? Why do you think you hate mornings? It’s because of your approach and mindset. Mornings are a wonderful gift. If you learn to smile every morning and make it a part of your productive morning routine, your attitude towards daybreak will change for the better. Try it!

Listen To Your Favourite Music

Lots of people like to listen to their favourite music in the morning, as it gets them into the right frame of mind. It’s a key part of their “priming” so that they’re ready to seize the day. You don’t need to spend forever lining up your albums and picking out your best songs. Instead, listen to a pre-prepared playlist, or check into a radio station that plays the kind of music you love. Then, let it play in the background while you complete your tasks – preparing breakfast, coffee and, of course, dancing like a maniac!

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Walk Your Dog

Got a dog? Then take pleasure in going out for a walk together and make it a refreshing and productive morning routine. Morning walks with the dog are amazing. The feeling of morning air filling your lungs will instantly make you feel good.

Do A Quick Task You Know Will Make You Feel Awesome

A long day at work can feel even longer when you know there’s a task you’ve been dreading for ages still waiting for you when you get home. Knowing you have to return to it after work can sour your day and put you in a bad mood. So why not save yourself a MAJOR headache by setting some time aside each morning to dust off an annoying chore before you start work for real? A lot of people call this “eating the frog.” Basically, you do the one task you know you’ll hate the most first so that the rest of your day suddenly doesn’t look so bad. It’s a neat psychological trick that always works.

Take A Cold Shower

Yes, a cold shower will hurt at first. But you’ll soon get used to it. It’s a great way to wake up in the morning, improving your alertness. It’ll make you feel so fresh, too!

Avoid Social Media

Social media can be a killer in the morning. Not only can it take up so much of your time, but it can also put you in a bad mood. What if you come across a story that makes your blood boil? What if you get involved in a political debate that makes you angry for the rest of the day? What if you a friends’ post makes you jealous? Social media can be a disaster in the morning. To be more motivated and productive, avoid it and instead …

Watch A Short, Inspiring Video

Successful people sure know how kick start their day the right way – and they often do it with a short inspiring video, it’s often a part of their productive morning routine. A motivational video can be as short as a minute, or it can be as long as ten. What’s important is that you watch one which speaks to you, energizes you and gets you pumped for the day. It’s way better than reading about bombs, war and misery on the news, right?

Connect With The People You Live With

So many of us dash out of our houses without so much as a “Hello!” to the people we live with, be they family or friends or even just a housemate. But do you ever regret not spending time connecting with people in the morning? Maybe you wish you had time to sit down to eat breakfast with them and have a chat. Well, you do! Wake up that bit earlier and spend some quality time with those you share your house and life with. It will help to put you in a good mood for the day, too.

Soak Up The Sun

If it’s a sunny day, you should for sure soak up some rays as you drink your coffee and eat breakfast. It will instantly put you in such a good mood and remind you of how awesome life can be.

Allow Ten Minutes To Drink Tea

Tea soothes a troubled mind, according to scientists. It contains less caffeine than coffee, and although it won’t give you the same sort of hyper buzz that coffee does, is that what you really need anyway? Or do you need to feel peaceful, relaxed and stress-free? No one should be stressed and depressed just minutes after waking up. But that’s how many of us seem to be. And we can’t calm our nerves until we’ve drank our latte – which actually has the opposite effect. Tea – especially decaffeinated tea – soothes the mind and puts you at rest at this most crucial time of the day. It gives you the chance to clear your thoughts and prepare for the day ahead.

Spend 5 Minutes Scheduling Your Day

This is especially crucial if it’s a weekend when you’re off work but still want to do something productive. Without a schedule, it’s so easy for us to get nothing done. We have nothing holding us accountable. As far as we know, there’s nothing to do! Yay! But then we get to the end of the day and realise that we’ve literally done nothing. And that’s a really depressing and sobering thought. Spend five minutes making a schedule while your tea is brewing. You can download an app, or you could write down your list by hand. Write down blocks of time, but don’t be too demanding of yourself. Give yourself enough breaks so that you don’t end up feeling overwhelmed. Include a reward, too, such as an awesome lunch at 1PM. Writing down a schedule is a productive task in itself, and it also motivates you to then get to work on what you need to do. After all, you now know what you need to do.

Network Over Breakfast

Breakfast doesn’t have to be just breakfast. Use the time while you’re eating to connect to other people. Fire off emails, call someone up, have a Skype chat. Use this time wisely.

What are your best tips for a productive morning routine?

Stay happy!

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