Rising Pakistani Entrepreneurs

Around the globe people classify Pakistan as an underdeveloped nation. While analyzing the rapid growth of Pakistan we can now decipher that this is only a fallacy and that Pakistan is a developing nation in terms of; literacy, technology, lifestyle and women empowerment.

Entrepreneurship in Pakistan has evolved to a new level. The power of safe banking, internet and distinct ideas that are the outcome of one’s passion. Women in Pakistan are especially bringing forth their innovative businesses; 5 to 10 years from now home entrepreneurship was unfamiliar. Home entrepreneurship now is very common and is promoting healthy competition throughout. 

Food Entrepreneurs of Pakistan:

The food industry has seen a drastic change. Pakistani men and women have excelled in home based delicacies and the brands are facing competition. The power of social media and the love for fresh homemade food delivered to people’s doorstep is a big factor for the growth of this industry. Many are still growing from small cabins to having numerous shops all over the country, to name a few;

Karamel Desserts

They started off as a home based delivery service to a large scale business and also they bake highly addictive cookies, even their cookie boxes have warnings.


It is a new venture that introduced Brazilian churros in Karachi and the interesting part is they’re doing it on our cultural rickshaws. Isn’t that the most innovative and creative way of letting people know they’re going a long way?


Foodwalay is a very popular name in the online food industry. They are known for their traditional khowsueys, dhoklas, lasagnas and range of fresh cupcakes. Their variety of homemade food is certainly giving a tough time to the other competitors.

All this food talk surely made you think of gaining some calories but hold up and get to know our fashionistas, might as well take your mind off of gaining calories.

Fashion Entrepreneurs of Pakistan:

Nevertheless, the fashion industry of Pakistan has seen great increment in the past few years, women have shown keen interest in this industry and many have taken initiative to  launch online boutiques and home based boutiques. Many have turned into professional makeup artists and some have been designing shoes and bags which are more in fashion these days than the antecedent brands. Since the ladies love what they do they don’t seem to be compromising on the goods from scratch and this subsequently gives quality outcomes.

Nimra K.

Nimra is the young entrepreneur who is bringing forth her love for bags. She said in one of her interviews; my collections emphasize on international trends and my bags are for women who work in offices to the housewives who want to flaunt the newest looks.

Cocoon by Amna Baber,

.Let’s not forget the very dexterous entrepreneur Amna Baber who started off with designing shoes. But now she is growing and introducing her clothing range too. Cocoon by Amna Baber is every girls favorite shoe stop these days, the most stylish, comfortable and chic shoes.

I have mentioned only a few of the many rising entrepreneurs of Pakistan and there are many more fervent folks who are yet to come. Stay up to date with the narrative Pakistan.

 Ayesha Shakeel

Ayesha is a business and psychology student. She is a passionate writer and writes on different subjects for various blogs.

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  • August 23, 2017 at 6:08 pm

    I barely knew abt any of these places except for Cocoons. Its so nice to see our women taking such steps. Thank u for sharing ?

  • August 23, 2017 at 10:47 pm

    Very well written and very informative!


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