A Salesman – Real Challenging Job of Corporate Sector

A Salesman – In normal vogue, I have observed people don’t like sales as a profession by considering it to be a very laborious job. Therefore, they are loath to espouse the field of sales as a career. However, the career / field of sales is not only challenging but interesting too this field teaches you a lot and crafts you into a real professional by providing an opportunity to demonstrate your mastery of the medium. In point of fact people are never willing to see what actually is meant by sales? Who is a sale man? No one endeavors to penetrate into this profession neither anyone tries to explore that’s why is it appears to be pretty difficult? how does a sales man generates business? What phases he goes through? because no one wants to see the other side of the horizon.

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These sales people are the real heroes who face challenges on daily basis. Every new shining sun brings a new battle for them to fight and they make new luck line every day in their very own hands. You will always find them on their feet with full enthusiasm and passion. Give them one voice for business and you will hear YES SIR from them without thinking of the time either its day or night they are there to facilitate you. For every organization these are the people who play pivotal role in generating business by giving their best in whatever the manner day unfolds for them.

They face mood swings of the prospect and melt themselves according to their prospects readiness to have a win win situation. They have art and magic of convincing people which normal people don’t have. Every industry requires them because without them no product can be sold. These are only sales men who sell inventions of the inventors to the public and educate them, teach them about their use. They teach businessman how to make profit and salaried person how to manage and run his household show. Indeed without them wheels of industry would come to a halt.

In reality if we look around everyone is a sales man irrespective of the industry he/she is in but the way of selling is different. For example, a doctor, who runs his own clinic; affixes a sign board outside by mentioning all his skills/degrees so that people can see he is different from others.  Everyone here is a sales man but have different name, face and way of selling.

Sales is not everyone’s cup of tea and a sales man is the one who has courage to take the bullet of heat on behalf of organization and stake holders working in liaison at back. People having such skills needs to be respected & the profession itself deserves respect.

Author: Mian Asif Zia

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  • February 25, 2017 at 12:41 am

    Well written Article, it’s true picture of Sales Man challenges. Undoubtedly Undaunted Job.


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