Donald Trump Prepared to Slog with China and Russia’

While in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, the President-elect of USA Donald Trump says he is prepared to work with Russia and China, as long as they are similarly eager to do the same.
President-elect told the Journal that recent sanctions on Russia would remain there “at least for a period of time” but could then be lifted in future.
The One China policy, in which US does not recognize Taiwan is also in open for discussion, Trump said.
Talking to WSJ, Mr Trump said sanctions on Russia could be removed if Russia helped USA in the war against Islamic radicalism and in other matters of interest.
Meanwhile, a US Senate committee will investigate the claims Russia endeavored to intrude in the presidential election.
“If you get along well with Russia and if Russia is actually helping USA, why would there be sanction if somebody’s doing some really great things?”
He also hoped a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin would be arranged in near future to discuss the matters of mutual interest.
As far Beijing, Mr Trump said China had to let US companies to compete by floating its currency.
He had previously grilled the One China policy last month, aggravating fuming retorts in Chinese state media. More details @ BBC

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