Turkey – 39 Killed in a Terrorist Attack

ISTANBUL – Terrorist Attack On new year night, A shooter killed 39 people inside a night club in Istanbul, Turkey and left many others injured..

Reports revealed, the assaulter who was outfitted as Santa Claus killed a police officer on his entrance at the Reina nightclub before he opened indiscriminate firing inside the club.

The Reina club is located on the seashore of the Bosphorus Strait in the Ortakoy district of Turkey, one of the densely-populated city.

The act of terrorism took place at around 1:15 AM, estimated  500-60 people were present in the club at the time of attack.

 “He entered the club and assaulted the innocent folks who were present there to celebrate the new year. It was a cruel, cold-blooded act.”

Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif has expressed anguish over the loss of innocent lives in Turkey and condemned the attack.

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