Trailblazer – Khalid Nawaz Awan, Chairman TCS

Khalid Nawaz Awan is co-founder and Chairman of TCS. Mr. Awan businesses developed over the 30 years are collectively called the ‘Tranzum’ group. He serves as Chairman of TCS Private Ltd. Besides business, he devotes his time to several welfare, and professional bodies. Mr. Awan is a lifetime member of the ‘World President Organization’ an alumni and past Chapter Chairman of the Young President Organization -YPO, and member of their Peace Action Network Forum that works for global peace. He is Toronto Committee member of ‘Human Rights Watch’, is Director of the Toronto based ‘Canada-Pakistan Business Council, and member of the Dubai based ‘Canada-Arab Business Council’, and he represented the Paris based ‘International Chambers of Commerce’ ( at the United Nations General Assembly session on ‘Millennium Development Goals’ in 2003. Mr. Awan is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, of UK. He is a mechanical engineer by education.

In a historic first for Pakistan’s business sector, the dynamic business model of TCS was quoted in a case study undertaken by Harvard Business School in 2003 for its MBA course in ‘International Entrepreneurship’, and mentioned in its textbooks as the model of a highly effective company from the developing world 


Awan has succeeded in building a size able company despite serious obstacles, including pressure from the public postal system, an environment prone to corruption, and a nonexistent market for venture capital. The firm largely followed an organic financing strategy and made extensive use of leasing contracts. However, in the aftermath of September 11, 2001, Awan is now faced with a number of questions regarding further expansion of the firm. The tragic events of September 11 will most likely put pressure on the firm’s revenues and create considerable uncertainty. Awan is also starting to think about diversification of his personal wealth, which is concentrated almost entirely in TCS. Decisions on all these issues will impact the firm’s future financing policies and growth.

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Khalid Nawaz Awan says that the key ingredient of a successful entrepreneurship venture is honest people. There is no extra effort needed to select such people as 99.99 percent people are inherently honest.

TCS has achieved many milestones by operating on a business concept that continues to gain strength as it has all along understood primary customer needs. TCS today leads Pakistan’s courier sector and continually sets benchmarks to improve the overall quality and standards of the industry.

The company is recognized and respected today as a professional, innovative, profitable, information and knowledge-based logistics and services-based enterprise and is fast growing into an important regional and global player.

This success of TCS emanates from focused organizational efforts towards building on existing strengths and achieving distinct brand recognition through enhanced levels of performance in the core business under the dynamic leadership of Khalid Nawaz Khan. This is in addition to diversification into new areas that complement the core business. The outcome of this approach was excellence and industry leader status.

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