Turkey – Depiction of Islamic Civilization

Turkey which is now a secular state once was considered one of the major Muslim country. After the fall of Ottoman Empire Mustafa Kamal Ataturk became the first president of turkey and banned all kind of religious clothing and use of religion in school and work despite the fact that the majority of the people have Islam as their religion, still 96% to 98 % of population in Turkey is Muslim that is why it is no wonder to see Islamic roots in the Turkey’s street to mosque to people to architecture to arts to literature.

Turkish Art


The art of turkey is significantly influenced by Islam which forbids to make the figurative arts and prefer to make pattern and designs. Calligraphy which was first introduced in a bird in the 17th century and widely used in the era of Ottoman Empire along with miniature paintings is an excellent example of Islamic depiction in arts. Turkish Arts serves as a religious purpose mostly the calligraphy is found in handwritten Korans, miniatures were stylized to draw focus from worldly beings and hint at Allah.

Turkish Literature


The literature of Turkey also depicts Islam in a great possible way even since the start of Mongol empire the people start converting more and more to the Islam and both poetry and prose starts to get written about Islam. The library of turkeys is filled with great Islamic literature. The prose written in ancient time Qisas al-Anbiya’ (stories about Prophets) written by N.rabghuzi holds a great importance in turkey along with Muin al-Murad of Sheik Sharif KHUWAja etc. the poetry of Rumi also make a great collection for religious lovers and furthermore Qadi Burhan al-Din classics poem also have great sincerity towards Islam. But the literature on Islam is not only limit to perfect but also holds an excellent image in contemporary, Kenan Çayır book from Islamic literature from epic to novel also marks the check box on Islamic literature.

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Turkish Mosque

Despite the fact the turkey being a secular state there is always a five-time call to prayer one can hear the sound of Azaan in every corner of the city there is a different mosque in turkey the largest of which Sabancı Central Mosque Adana built in 1998. Mosques built in ottoman empire also exist in great shape one of which is Sultan Ahmed Mosque built by Sultan Ahmed in his life on the most beautiful mosque, Süleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul, the Selimiye Mosque in Edirne, the Yeşil Mosque in Bursa, The Alâeddin Mosque and Mevlana Mosque in Konya, and the Great Mosque in Divriği etc. are the most notable mosques.

Turkish Architecture

The design of Turkey also screams the history of Islam with the wall of full of calligraphy to palace full of Islamic history the places exist which consists of mosques Fatih Tomb, Laleli Çukurçeşme Inn, Birgi Çakırağa Mansion, Aynalıkavak Palace, and the Selimiye Barracks depicts an image of Islam In turkey. The most notable of all the building is Hagia Sophia which was originally a church then a mosque a now a museum built in Istanbul show a significant aspect of Islamic civilization in turkey.

Hence Turkey is a place which shows Islam in their history their past and present as they are talking step to revive Islam in the country by abolishing Darwin theory and other stuff like that maybe in future Turkey will depict an image of Islam in every aspect of life.


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