US-Saudi Conspiracy of Changing Regime in Pakistan

US-Saudi Conspiracy – Pakistan is going through a major political crisis in recent years. Imran Khan and other leaders of opposition parties are demanding a resignation from Mian Nawaz Sharif, the premier of the nuclear Muslim country.  The opposition parties especially Pakistan Tahreek Insaf led by cricketer turned Politician Imran khan demand the prime minister to step down on account of corruption charges leveled against him by the joint investigation team formulated the Supreme court of Pakistan. Escalating instability in the only Muslim country that possesses nuclear weapons raises qualms of experts.

The current political crisis started with the publication of the prominent Panama Papers in the month of April 2016. Among the in print documents, there was also compromising substantiation on the family of the Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif. According to the panama papers, the children of Nawaz Sharif purportedly related to offshore companies Nescoll Limited, Nielson Holdings Limited, Coomber Group Inc., and Hangon Property Holdings Limited from 2006 to 2007, all these companies were involved in purchase of elite accommodation in London for a total of approximately 13.8 million US dollars.

The political scientist from Pakistan Mazhar Suleman shared his thoughts on the genesis and scenario of current political crisis faced by Pakistan:

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6th April 2016, Wikileaks exposed that Panama Papers leak was funded by USAID and George Soros’s Open Society Foundation. Several analysts established that the United States government is ensuing a global destabilization policy, and the specific Panama papers leak has been helping the intention of destabilization since the United States has been bringing up the rear, her liberal grand feat and at present wants all the dollars back into her vault in the impending epoch of immense financial crisis. Consequently, the Panama papers leak is not reliable at all. It obliges primarily the United States interest. Furthermore, PTI Chief Imran Khan is stand-in as political marionette of the United States. He and his party are ruthlessly following the so called Panama paper leaks to rally people against the Mian Nawaz Sharif the Prime Minister, completely ignoring and understanding the detrimental consequences.

On July 7th 2017, the former chief of Pakistan army General Raheel Sharif (Retired), the head of the Islamic Military Alliance led by house of Saud to Fight Terrorism came from Saudi Arabia by a charterd plane. As reported by some Local media that some Saudi nationals were accompanying General Raheel who apparently left for his home from Lahore airport’s old terminal while the Saudi nationals moved to a local five star hotel. His unanticipated come back befall with the timing of corruption prod against Prime Minister of Pakistan. Hence, a ground breaking role can be conveniently anticipated from the former military chief. On the other hand, the United States is not prepared to pull off so simply from the only Muslim country with nuclear capability. It is also factual that regarding Pakistan, the United States  and House of Sauds both have alike aspire of illicit deterioration in the region for achieving geostrategic upper edge in dealing with Russia, China, India, Central Asia and Iran. For that reason,  Imran Khan and General Raheel both have the identical intend of regime change. I presume they are working hand in glove to topple Sharif dynasty.

It is also a branded reality that Pakistan was backed profoundly for quite a long time on the military ground by the United States for pursuing the US oriented geopolitical and geostrategic policy in the Pakistan – Afghanistan region and to augment sway in Central Asia, Iran and India aimed at containing Russia and China. But the current government led by Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif appeared as an impediment to employ such western project since Nawaz Sharif has given more weight to China-Pakistan relationship and Russia-Pakistan relationship than that of United States-Pakistan. Consequently, the United Sates policy makers are very likely looking for regime change in Pakistan to weaken the country in order to interrupt the China Pakistan Economic Corridor project and the Russia-Pakistan upcoming geo-strategic ties under the double repression or neo-containment policy.

The existing political stress of Pakistan will be embossed more. Before now, Nawaz Sharif made it very clear that he would face the situation and stepping down in not an option. Thus, there is a towering chance of high-conflict tilting political and security volatility inside Pakistan. Such security disarray also has the latent to turn into regional chaos if any peripheral force ropes to expand the radical extremism as a proxy force as we have experimented  in Syria and Iraq and some other places of Middle East. Since Pakistan has nukes, the proxy war will be very perilous for the entire region of South Asia.



4 thoughts on “US-Saudi Conspiracy of Changing Regime in Pakistan

  • July 17, 2017 at 6:50 pm

    It’s for the very first time in the history of Pakistan that the powerful people are facing accountability process, it’s a good sign for the future of Pakistan. If someone found guilty He should be made example for others.

  • July 18, 2017 at 12:21 am

    A very keen insight into the present political scenario. Can’t ignore the possible chances of the subject conspiracy.

  • July 20, 2017 at 2:32 pm

    Really a very keen interest insight into the present political scenarios. Can not ignore the possible chances of the subject conspiracy.


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