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Your Teeth Whiting Tips – If you smile into the mirror and are self-conscious about your not-so-pearly-whites, you’re probably wondering how to whiten teeth fast. Because, honestly, when you barely have the energy to remove your makeup at the end of the day, time is of the essence. “The main culprits of yellow teeth are aging, smoking and dark foods or drinks such as coffee, red wine, black tea, colas, dark sauces and even various fruits like blueberries,” says Dr. Kevin Sands, a celebrity cosmetic dentist who works with everyone from the Kardashians to Emma Stone. “These items are high in pigment-producing substances that stick to tooth enamel.”

Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to give up your morning coffee or evening glass of wine in pursuit of whiter teeth. Because the stains that come from these pigmented foods and drinks are on the outer layer of your teeth, they can be removed, explains celebrity cosmetic dentist Dr. Desiree Yazdan MS, DDS. 

Here, we’ve rounded up all the easy ways you can whiten teeth at home — from quick teeth-whitening kits to natural teeth whitening ideas. So what are you waiting for? Your megawatt smile is waiting, and it only takes minutes to get whiter teeth.

Eat More Strawberries 

Dentists tell us we should brush after every meal, but sometimes it’s just not possible. The (delicious) alternative: Eat strawberries for dessert. The red fruit has a high percentage of folate, which naturally exfoliates and cleans your teeth, says Irwin Smigel, DDS and creator of SuperSmile. 

Don’t Brush Your Teeth Too Much

Or too hard. Coffee, wine and tea are common teeth-staining culprits, and trying to scrub them off too hard with your toothbrush can also strip away your enamel, explains Yazdan. “The underlying dentin is yellow so the teeth become yellow.” Sands adds that over-brushing can also cause your gums to recede. However, poor oral hygiene also leads to yellow teeth. So it’s crucial to brush efficiently to get off plaque, without stripping off your enamel. “The key is to spend at least two minutes brushing every surface of your teeth, up around your gums where most of the plaque accumulates,” says Yazdan. She recommends using Plaque HD, a new color-changing toothpaste that shows you exactly where plaque is. Yazdan says it removes four times the plaque as regular toothpaste. 

Turn to Charcoal

Believe it or not, charcoal can help in your quest for pearly whites. This natural teeth-whitening method is a way to whiten teeth at home — just swing by your local Whole Foods or supplement store and pick up charcoal capsules. Sands says to empty the contents of one capsule onto your toothbrush and then brush for five minutes. Fair warning: Your mouth will turn scary black (finally, something that will scare the boyfriend more than a sheet mask!), but the charcoal won’t stain your teeth. Thoroughly rinse. “The charcoal acts like a stain magnet and draws out impurities and imperfections,” explains Sands. You can use charcoal as often as you’d like. 

Use This Superstar Oil

Another natural teeth-whitening idea: Swishing with coconut oil for 10 minutes. Yes, the texture will be gross, but the coconut is antibacterial and draws out stains, says Sands. For best results, do this every day. (Bonus: Coconut oil will also decrease the bacteria in your mouth that can cause bad breathe.) 

Get Out Your Baking Soda

Because baking soda can be abrasive and potentially damage your enamel, you don’t want to use it too frequently. Sands says to use baking soda every other day until your teeth are the level of whiteness you want, then switch to once a week to maintain your results. 

Grab Some Whitening Strips

If you want a movie star smile, an in-office treatment is your best best, says Sands. While at-home whitening strips won’t give you the brighter-than-white results that you can get at the dentist, Yazdan still recommends them, and says they’re especially useful for maintaining in-office whitening treatments. “In the dental office, we are able to isolate all of your tissues, and protect them from the bleach, so the result is a much greater whiteness,” she explains. 

Eat Cheese

We all know the usual suspects that stain teeth — soda, coffee and red wine. But did you know that white wine can actually lead to more staining than that glass of red? “White wines are more acidic than red, which disintegrates the calcium in your teeth more quickly, making teeth more porous and more susceptible to staining,” says New York City-based dentist, Laura Torrado, DDS. To offset staining from either kind of wine, take a bite of cheese before you sip. Torrado says the calcium in the cheese will create a film over your teeth, preventing any erosion from the wine’s acidity. 

Prevent Stains With Vaseline

Alright, this one sounds pretty gross — but this mother of all healers can protect your teeth from stains. Just rub a thin layer of petroleum jelly onto your teeth and it will keep food and drinks from staining your pearly whites, says Gregg Lituchy, DDS, of Litchuty & Kantor in New York City. Sure, it might feel a little weird, but it’s worth it when you know that coffee won’t be doing a number on your pearly whites. 

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